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About Us

HMPS is an Australian company that specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality machinery for packaging processes.

HMPS began in 1980 as a response to the thriving South Australian Wine Industry, requiring bag in box packaging for wine casks. Since then, we have evolved into a business with over 50 employees, who create a vast range of packaging systems that are implemented nationally and internationally.

We design and engineer robotic and automation machinery to suit your specific packaging needs. Our bespoke approach to creating packaging machinery allows you to tailor the machines to your requirements, which enables you to quickly respond to changing market conditions and your customer’s needs and expectations.

We are an extremely innovative team who are continuously researching and developing new ways to meet the changing needs of modern product lines and requirements.

We believe that in this competitive global economy, it is important to offer high quality products at sensible prices. We provide an extremely flexible service and understand that adherence to delivery schedules and outstanding customer service are key to our current and future success.

As one of the only remaining Australian companies in this industry, we pride ourselves on being Australian designed and engineered, and place great importance on ensuring the innovation of robotics and engineering continues to develop and remain in Australia.   

We are continuing to grow our services, from end of line productions through to complete lines. If you would like to get in contact with the HMPS team, contact us on:

P: +618 8150 1000