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Our Process

HMPS works hand-in-hand with clients to design packaging solutions that are designed to last and eliminate your end-of-line labour constraints.

The key elements of our approach to designing and building your packaging system are:

  • Engineering capability: HMPS systems are engineered to meet your immediate requirements and are designed and built to last, with minimal maintenance.  You can expect a lifespan of at least 10 years from your system, and know that the availability of local parts and servicing will help you minimise running costs.
  • Return on investment: When requested we assist with calculating the ROI both in labour and material savings.  We generally find most automation solutions have a 1.5 year ROI.
  • OH&S: All HMPS packaging lines and systems are designed, manufactured and installed in order to meet all Australian OH&S standards.
  • Quick install: HMPS designs, builds and tests all its packaging machines locally.  This means efficient delivery and installation of your solution so that you can be up-and-running quicker,  and working towards your return on investment sooner than you realise.
  • Responsive support: Dealing with an Australian company means that you can rely on immediate, “real-time” response.
  • Australian presence: When you choose to work with with HMPS you automatically experience the tangible benefits of partnering with an Australian-owned and based company.