At HMPS we don’t shy away from a challenge. Our client came to us with a request to supply equipment to handle pre-glued sleeves and to load primary cartons. Generally, these tasks would be handled by 2 different style machines. As we always find there is never enough room allowed for end of line packaging equipment, even when designing a green fields factory. This case was no different, so we had to figure out how to fit 4 machines into the space of 2 machines.
Long story short, HMPS were able to offer a bespoke solution of two machines in one. This system can handle pre-glued sleeves in 2, 3 and 4 cell trays at up to 180 tray/minute for the 2 cell trays. With minimal change over it can also operate as an end load cartoner erecting, loading and hotmelt sealing primary cartons. HMPS supplied 2 complete units for this project allowing the client to handle up to 360 trays/minute.

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