Australia’s Largest Centralised Palletiser

Watch Australia’s largest palletising system in action!

This industrial marvel features 16 ABB palletising robots efficiently catering to 32 packaging lines. Operating at an impressive pace, these robots handle over 450 different products, processing at a rate of 9000 cartons per hour from 4 separate packing areas.

The system boasts a sprawling 1km conveyor line. This moves the stacked pallets along to 2 rail systems, each equipped with 2 shuttles, that seamlessly transport pallets to 2 automatic 360 stretch wrappers. This results in an impressive output of over 100 pallets per hour.

The acquisition of ADDE IP by HMPS ensures that we can offer sustained service and support for this remarkable system.

Witness the synergy of robotics, conveyor systems, and automation in this captivating display of industrial ingenuity.

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