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HMPS robotic palletising solutions alleviate the need for manual stacking of bags, cartons, crates or drums onto a pallet and so increase end-of-line productivity, safety, pallet stability, reducing costs and insurance claims. Palletising robots are also key to preventing downstream bottlenecks in your operations with consistently high and reliable throughput.

HMPS offers a range of palletisers from simple solutions with a pallet on the floor to centralised solutions with a pallet stacks and stretch wrapping.

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Robotic Vegetable Tray Loading System for Punnets

Another new product from HMPS. This robotic tray loading system can handle a range of punnet styles, sizes, and weights. Punnet styles include flow wrapped trays. Top sealed trays and clamshell punnets. Weight ranges from 200g up to 1kg. Speeds for smaller variants up to 180 packs/minute.

The six axis ABB robot with quick change vacuum grippers allows for multiple tray counts and configurations. The system can pack into either standard cardboard retail trays and or RPC plastic crates. Trays or crates can be supplied from external equipment, or we can include an integrated magazine, tray dispensing system for a complete packing solution.

Filled trays are conveyed to the HMPS Robotic Palletiser. The palletiser includes an integrated gripper designed specifically to handle stackable cardboard trays and plastic crates.

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HMPS Plastic Milk Crate Loader with Integrated Robotic Palletiser

Another one of our milk crate loading systems. This is a cut down version of our high speeds systems. Being only fed from a single in-feed it is a good option for smaller dairies. The crate loader can handle 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L and 2L bottles at up to 100 bottles/minute.

The project was supplied as a turn key installation. The scope also included an integrated robotic palletiser. Crate washer. Crate destacker as well as crate and bottle conveyors.

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HMPS RSC Casepacker With Semi-Auto Palletiser

A nice compact solution including an RSC Case Packer and integrated Semi-automatic Palletising System. The case packer is handling 1kg to 5kg bags of pet food. A 3 axis servo pick & place allows for the bags to be packed in portrait, landscape, or shingled arrangements at up to 17 BPM.

The integrated palletiser includes carton labelling, an ABB IRB460 4 axis robot, and a 2 tier pallet conveyor system. The 2 tier pallet conveyor allows for uninterrupted palletising during pallet change over in a small compact foot print.

All HMPS case packers are fully constructed from 304SS allowing for easy cleaning.

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Centralised Palletiser For Almonds

The palletiser is part of a much larger project where we are installing and integrating dozens of pieces of equipment, including line control for 3 production lines.

The palletiser includes automatic pallet dispensing and handling. Automatic slip and layer sheet application. Automatic pallet wrapping including plastic top sheet application. SSCC pallet labelling and integration with internal SAP system.SHOW LESS

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Bag In Box, Check Weigher & Integrated Robotic Palletiser

The HMPS1000 Bag in Box (BIB) RSC case packer is a robust and versatile machine. It has the ability to pack a large range of liquid products including water, wine, spirits, cream cheese, juice, liquid egg, post mix beverage and post mix dairy.

The base design is easily configurable to suit a large range of bag/carton sizes and speeds. Carton/bag sizes ranging from 1L up to 25kg. Speeds of up to 36 cartons/minute can be achieved by utilising the dual funnel option.

This particular machine will handle bags of liquid egg in sizes ranging from 2L to 10L at 11 cartons/minute. The installation included integrated check weighing, carton labeller and small foot print robotic palletiser.

All HMPS case packers are fully constructed from 304 SS allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance, with the option to upgrade to a full wash down system.

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Robotic Palletiser for Beverage Cartons

HMPS can supply an entry level robotic palletiser offering semi-automatic operation where pallet movements are handled manually by the operator. The robot will palletise to 1 pallet station. When the pallet is complete the robot will automatically move to the second pallet station. The operator removes the completed pallet and positions an new empty pallet in its place. Access to the cell is through a light curtain causing minimal disruption to the palletising cycle. The light curtains can be replaced with sliding gates allowing for a more compact foot print.

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PA12 HMPS8000 Palletiser – Cartons of Construction Adhesive

Our client required a palletiser to handle their various cartons of construction adhesive prior to being removed by their forklift.

HMPS designed and engineered an HMPS8000 robotic palletiser for their 6kg and 9kg cartons. This video shows palletiser positioned the 20 pack carton of construction adhesive weighing 9kg and then picked by the robot arm and placed on the pallet.

The design also includes an automatic nozzle loader and check weigher and reject which are located on the conveyor prior to the robotic palletiser.

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Looking for Stretch Wrappers

Integrated Machinery joined the HMPS group recently, our stretch wrapping machines range from semi and automatic stretch wrapping machines to fully automated lines and individual projects. Our range also includes case handling, shrink packaging and conveying equipment. Our resources fulfill every stretch wrapping, packaging and project requirement, from design through to engineering, installation and commissioning.

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