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Bag in Box

The HMPS1000 series of packaging machines are proven systems which offer either semi or fully automatic end of line bag-in-box (BIB) carton packaging for any BIB product.


Carton Erectors and Sealers

The HMPS range of Erectors and Top sealers offer an efficient and effective method of packing and sealing RSC cartons for end-of-line automation. Available with tape or hot melt adhesive sealing, these solidly constructed machines integrate well with manual or robotic loading stations.


Wraparound Case Packers

The HMPS5000 series of fully automatic wrap around case packers eliminate end-of-line labour constraints with high speed efficiency.

Wraparound Casepacker Packing Tubs of Cream Cheese

Our client was launching a new product and needed a machine to pack tubs of cream cheese hot out of the filler in to shelf ready cartons. We used a gripper head that could pick up the tubs without bringing the lid into play.


RSC Pick and Place

The HMPS6000 series of fully automatic pick & place case packers are designed for RSC open top cartons.

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