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Wraparound Casepacker for Tubs With Fault Finding Doors

We have developed fault finding doors, that indicate the status of the machine:

  • All green, running.
  • Green and orange flashing, attention required, i.e. low cartons in magazine.
  • Red and orange flashing, fault and zone for fault indicated by location of flashing.

Available now on all HMPS machines.

High Speed Top Load Cartoner Snack Foods

Our client was looking for a high speed top load cartoner for their snack bars to meet a growing demand for their product.
We developed a twin head erector, high speed indexing system, pick and place, with a 3 flap closer.

Wraparound Casepacker Packing Tubs of Cream Cheese

Our client was launching a new product and needed a machine to pack tubs of cream cheese hot out of the filler in to shelf ready cartons. We used a gripper head that could pick up the tubs without bringing the lid into play.

Tray Former

Our client was looking for something to automate the erecting of their tray to hand load product into. We developed a compact tray former to meet their needs.

Wraparound Casepacker Packing Pouches of Yoghurt

Our client had a need to pack pouches of yoghurt more efficiently and came to us to build them a machine that would perform in a short lead time. We delivered a machine that had a vertical start-up and ran without damaging the pouches by picking and placing from the lid.

Wraparound Casepacker for Tubs of Yoghurt

Our client has experienced growth in their yoghurt business and have had to put a whole new line in. We manufactured a wraparound casepacker to run at a reasonable rate with a quick changeover and fantastic OEE.

Wraparound Casepacker Packing Tubs of Pet Food

Our client was hand packing and found that they couldn’t achieve their target efficiency. We developed a machine that helped achieve their target efficiency and also improves up time through the use of our new fault finding doors.

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