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Robotic Palletiser – Large Bags of Powdered Product

This state-of-the-art machine is designed to pick up large bags of powdered product from a conveyor and stack them efficiently on a pallet. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of manual palletising, and hello to increased productivity leading to a more efficient supply chain!If you work in the food and beverage or manufacturing industries, our robotic palletiser is the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

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AGVs for Pallet Movement – ADDE

ADDE designed and built a central palletiser for AstraZeneca in Sydney that uses autonomous vehicles (AGV) for all pallet movements. A mezzanine was installed to allow the UR10 robots upstairs to palletise while the pallets are finished downstairs. The system palletises onto cardboard Euro Pallets that are moved on customised tables. It uses Swisslog CarryPick vehicles which lift the tables with their integrated lifting system.
The vehicles navigate using markers on the floor around a fixed path. The system is not ‘people safe’, mainly because of the large industrial robots downstairs, so these marker following vehicle are fit for purpose in this application.
The system has 2 vehicles on the mezzanine and 3 downstairs in the pallet finishing operations all under the control of the master fleet management system.

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AstraZeneca Central Palletiser – ADDE

ADDE design and built this central palletiser for the AstraZeneca facility in North Ryde, Sydney. The system collects product from the existing production lines, lifts the cases on custom designed lifter system and load them onto a Denipro EasyChain ring conveyor. The cases are then transferred onto Interroll roller conveyors and transferred out to the warehouse.
A mezzanine floor was constructed to minimize floor space and allow palletising upstairs and pallet finishing down stairs. 7 UR10 collaborative robots palletise onto cardboard Euro pallets which are transported in custom tables. Swisslog Carrypick autonomous vehicles (AGV) provide all pallet movements with dedicated lifts transferring tables between the floors.
Down stairs the pallets are scanned, wrapped, labelled, shrouded with a full cover then strapped with corner protection posts, labelled again before loading onto an out-feed accumulation conveyor.

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Australia’s Largest Centralised Palletiser

Watch Australia’s largest palletising system in action!
This industrial marvel features 16 ABB palletising robots efficiently catering to 32 packaging lines. Operating at an impressive pace, these robots handle over 450 different products, processing at a rate of 9000 cartons per hour from 4 separate packing areas.
The system boasts a sprawling 1km conveyor line. This moves the stacked pallets along to 2 rail systems, each equipped with 2 shuttles, that seamlessly transport pallets to 2 automatic 360 stretch wrappers. This results in an impressive output of over 100 pallets per hour.
The acquisition of ADDE IP by HMPS ensures that we can offer sustained service and support for this remarkable system.
Witness the synergy of robotics, conveyor systems, and automation in this captivating display of industrial ingenuity.
If you would like something similar in your site, contact us now to discuss how we can transform your business.”

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Centralised Palletiser For Almonds

The palletiser is part of a much larger project where we are installing and integrating dozens of pieces of equipment, including line control for 3 production lines. The palletiser includes automatic pallet dispensing and handling. Automatic slip and layer sheet application. Automatic pallet wrapping including plastic top sheet application. SSCC pallet labelling and integration with

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